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I was hesitant at first but gave in anyway. “Para naman matikman mo ang gay nightlife dito sa San Francisco,” a friend quipped.


And so last night was party night at the Castro scene in San Francisco, California. Two friends accompanied me to check out Badlands and The Café.

These places we went to were quite full, almost jampacked. Among the caucasians and latinos in the crowd, there were groups of Pinoys too enjoying themselves dancing and partying that night. Meanwhile, I was trying to enjoy myself by observing people. I left with a question in my mind.

I wonder where the cuties are.


Hi Migs,

Grabe ang article on “Abrazos with Joseph” ha. Parang 24.. I am sure that many of us are anxiously waiting for the next part. But you know, parang mas happy if it will not end with Joseph admitting that he’s gay. Besides, parang it will not lead to that naman, the way you had cut it between chapters. My guess is it is about another thing. Paduda ka lang eh. Heh heh.

But whatever the outcome of the third part is, just like many of the reactions I had seen, sobrang nakakakilig the way you wrote it. (Lumabas ang pagkabading ko, promise………….). Really Migs, (and as corny as this may sound……..) I think that you had touched many of your readers’ hearts.

I really just started following through your blog on male massage but I noticed that I was getting hooked in simply reading and browsing through interesting pictures, and comments. And interestingly, the most amusing and exciting observation I made about these postings is…………..MUKHANG MALI YATA ANG TITLE NG BLOG NI MIGS. HINDI DAPAT MANILA GAY GUY. Pucha, Migs, eh parang mas madami kang blogsters and fans na “straight”, “straight-acting”, or even “straight-aspiring” ah (I myself included, so promise po, no pun intended ang statement na to……..). Can you imagine people describing themselves as “mas astig pa nga ako doon sa masseur……..” OR “parang nasarapan yung masseur sa akin at mas malambot pa kumilos”, OR “nahiya lang ako magsabi kasi lalaking-lalaki ako sa office…….”

I know that despite the apparent openness of Manila, parang madami pa din na who would rather just keep it inside. I am married (with kids) and continue to have a healthy sex life with my wife. On the other hand, sans the guilt in the beginning, over time, I had already overcome this and now live a relatively comfortable life. Yun nga lang, only one person really knows about my other side. (The funny thing is when the people I meet in MGG ask me who knows, ang usual reply ko is one person lang, but if you will add all the masseurs that had done service, eh hehehehehe, parang pwede nang mag-organize ng cocktails. hahahaha)

I kind of envy you when you say how much relief being open has brought to you. Syempre, despite the enjoyment from whatever I do, parang mas masaya if you at least share it with a few friends. The way i see it, parang madami like me who would rather just really, really keep it to themselves. After all, “manageable naman……….” In one instance in Sanctuario, I saw this ex-colleague in the lockers at sa sobrang sindak ko, hindi ko pinansin only to regret it after. He looked like he wanted to connect pa naman. And to think that we are exactly of the same feather. I know his wife and (many of his) kids. I saw him the last time and he kinda avoided me na.

I have this funny thought that one day, you will organize an event for straight-acting people who are bold enough to even slowly take the chance of opening themselves up to others. Then in the event itself, lahat ng dadating, may basket sa ulo. So parang reunion ng ku klux klan or ng hukbalahap.. 🙂

Cheers Migs.

* * *

Dear Dude, Pare, Chong, errr… Ton

Basta’s masaya ka kung nasaan ka, kung saan mang kulay sa rainbow mo gustong magpa-slide-slide, hangga’t ika’y nasa tama’t walang inaalipusta’t inaapi, pasok ka pa rin sa banga. Mahal ka ng sangkabadingan. Sabi nga, unity in diversity.

May nag-comment dito sa MGG, pare-pareho lang naman daw ang mga bading, na ang nagbibigkis sa atin ay ang ating kagustuhang makasubo ng ari ng lalaki. I beg to disagree, mga ateh. Walang iisang hulma ang bakla. Walang nagbibigkis sa atin. Wala. Kung meron man, ito ay ang kagustuhan nating intindihin at suportahan ang bawat isa — sa bawat liko, lalim, at tarik ng ating mga pinagdadaanang bonggang-bonggang buhay. O-ha!

World Peace!