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Hi Migs!

I have been following your blog for two years now. I’d like to share you my story here. Unfortunately, your site is blocked here sa Saudi, siguro ang category ng site mo that you placed is “GAY”, kaya the authorities here banned your site. Anyway this is an actual experience I had very, very recently. And I do hope that other gay men like me will learn from this narration.

PS. Thanks to my iPhone, I downloaded a proxy server app, and whoalla, I could surf your site!

Juan Antonio

* * *

Saudi is a gay man’s paradise. But…

The sound coming from the siren of the ambulance is again signalling another patient is coming. Nothing new of course, except that it is the time when the hospital ER should have been silent and the doctors and nurses should have been chit chatting. That night — while still on-duty and busy discussing with the newly-assigned ER students a case of hypoglycemic Saudi male patient, changed the way I enjoy my existence here in Saudi Arabia. That is the existence of a discreet gay man out on the paradise of men too willing to break the rigid Saudi rules in exchange of some intimate moments.

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Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

* * *

Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

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Tulad ng perennial win sa Miss Photogenic online voting sa Miss Universe, ayan, nanalo na naman tayo sa CNN online voting ng Best Asia Pacific Film of all time. Sabi nga ni Ate Guy, “Walang Himalaaa!” Pero para sa mga Pinoy, meron namang internet — kaya wagi!

“Himala,” the late Ishmael Bernal’s masterpiece that starred Nora Aunor was announced as the best film in the region on Tuesday (US time) during the 2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards held in Australia’s Gold Coast. An early favorite in the online voting, Himala bested tough competitors, namely Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon from China; The Seven Samurai from Japan; Gabbeh from Iran; Gallipoli from Australia; Pather Panchali from India; Spirited Away from Japan; Oldboy from South Korea; Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong/China; and Chungking Express from China. As early as September, CNN said the film received “an avalanche of raving positivity” from thousands of online voters all over the globe. [Source]

Fonz FeleoFonz Feleo (also known as Jeoff Feleo) is one of the 4 male finalists at Bar Uno’s Wild, Wild, Wet — a bikini competition with a naughty twist — now on its 3rd season, labeled “The Extreme Edition”. I’ve seen this guy in person… he’s tall, dark, and Pinoy handsome. Yes, Pinoy na Pinoy. So if you’re into exotic Pinoys, go and root for Fonz.

The grand finals of Wild, Wild, Wet, “The Extreme Edition” is going to be on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at Bar Uno’s new location (Hollywood Square, West Avenue — just beside the new “Mister Kabab”).

For more info, you may call them at 0921-4888884.

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Full frontal nudity among Pinoy actors was taboo in the past. Now it seems de rigueur in adult movies. There was Harold Montano in Dante Mendoza’s Urian-winning “Tirador.” Then, Coco Martin and Kristofer King in the controversial Cannes entry “Serbis,” also directed by Mendoza.

Now, Marco Morales lets it all hang out in Joel Lamangan’s “Walang Kawala,” not just once, but twice! Although the two scenes made it to the Director’s Cut, which will be screened at the censorship-free UP Film Center tomorrow, it’s highly unlikely they would be shown in the commercial run that starts Nov. 12. [Source]

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Pinoy Fear Factor Cutie Pie Jose Sarasola is a subject of a video scandal going around the net. I don’t think it’s him — it’s almost obvious — but still, you be the judge. (Screencaps after the jump.) Methinks it’s a marketing tactic for the show, hehehe!

Another scandal floating around the net is that of Cosmo bachelor Dave Rebolledo. This one seems pretty real. Undeniably him. Oh well. Spice of life.

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The internet-savvy Pinoy gaydom is all abuzz about Joel Lamangan’s Walang Kawala — with all its promotional pics, I’m not surprised. Here is another set of photos from this gay love movie, this time we see the characters in two’s, presenting, Walang Kawala’s duos — two-by-two savor the energy between the male characters shown in the following stills.

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In that much celebrated coming-out scene in a Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition episode, Rustom said “I have no choice, I am gay… but hindi ako masamang tao…” He knew of his sexual preference even when he was young, manifesting it by playfully wearing girl’s clothes which his father saw one time and which angered him of course. His mom, Eva Cariño, berated him as well, it was said.

Then, cut to…

During this year’s Urian Awards, where he presented the Best Actor Award, Rustom with nary a care for what other people might say, proudly displays his real self, the girl within. You go, gurl! Hehehe!

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This article was written by John Lapus. Funny, witty, yet rings true. I so like the ending, so world peace! Taray mo `teh!

* * *

Si Carol Dauden, na isang magaling aktres, at si Aiza Seguera, na mahusay na mang-aawit, ay umamin na—sila ay mga tomboy. Mukha naman silang masaya sa kanilang pag-amin. Mas naging malaya sila. Natanggap naman sila ng mga pamilya nila at mga kaibigan. Pero bakit ang mga bakla sa showbiz, isang damukal ang ayaw umamin. Yung iba, tumanda na, at yung iba naman, namatay na pero hindi umamin. Namatay nang nagtatago. Namatay nang hindi malaya. Kawawang bakla.

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How can one define the Filipino man’s natural beauty?

To answer this question is quite tricky. Attempting to answer it would mean going against the oft-repeated adage, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

But I’ll answer it anyway! Hahaha!

A beautiful Pinoy man is… clean – mabango – mukhang maginoo pero medyo bastos – able to woo you with his suave moves but equally capable of wild, fiery action when called for (especially in bed!) – a tinge of angas – makinis without being photoshop porselana – confidence from capabilities and not from other externalities – … and maybe you can add more?

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