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Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

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Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

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Would you, in the name of pure and pristine love, share your house with your lover, and his wife?

Erine, fellow ka-MGG, is a nurse based in London. His lover of 7 years, Nevin, also works as a nurse in London and shares the same house as Erine. Nevin has a wife and kid back in the Philippines. Trouble starts when one day, Nevine suggests to bring his wife and kid to London, and create a triumvirate union out of Erine, the wife, and him. What do you think? Read Erine’s letter to get his side.

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hi migs

first of all i want to give credits sa blog mo for nice contents. im writing this letter bcoz lately medyo bothered ako and i think i need some sort of payo from u as well as for your avid readers.

im erine who works here in london as nurse and proud to be gay. my story starts when i met this guy who is my present ka-relasyon way back 7 yrs ago pa while i was on my holiday sa manila, lets just call him nevin. presently kasama ko na sya dto sa london works as nurse like me. i know i had a big part on his success sa buhay ksi the time na nkilala ko sya financially problematic sya kc ang lola nya lng nagpaparal sa knya that time, illegitimate child si nevin and wlang support tlga from his parents so ang lola nya ang nagpalaki sa knya. We start of being friends and sympre later on nagkaroon kmi ng relasyon more than friends. I know the fact na stop nga sya i offered him to continue pagaaral nya sa nursing course and willingly tinulungan ko sya kc he’s on 2nd year na nmn and syang. And alam ko din he has a bright future and sort of helping him pra maayos future nya. While i was abroad i supported him all the way sa studies nya till he graduated in 2004.

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