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Imagine 6 gay guys trying their darnedest best to act butch (”straight-acting”) and carry on a decent, macho conversation amongst themselves.

Imagine CC, McVie, Gibbs, Tony, Migs, and Jonas (guest podcaster) in this situation — what would happen? Nakakalurkey, di ba? Well, no need to imagine, as we recorded the grand attempt to be pa-mhin — here’s the all-new Fabcast, in our very first pa-mhin-ta edition! (Ha-ha-ha-achooo!)

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We conclude the fabcast on gray areas in this part. We start off wrapping up the gray area between a gay guy and a straight guy. “May mga taong straight talaga!” Naman! Also, you will hear Jojo & Jay’s situation who, during the podcast recording, were sweeter than sugar to each other. They are contemplating a soon-to-be long distance relationship despite the fact that they just met each other 7 days before. This and more, in the concluding part of “Gray Areas In the Gay Life.”

Listen: (32 min 28 sec)

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Music credits: “Forbidden Love” by Madonna; “Use Somebody” by Bat For Lashes; “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga; and “Trouble Is A Friend” by Lenka. Podcast Production by McVie.

Fabcasters The Fabcasters are on a roll! Here’s another podcast by the Fabcasters and their well-chosen peanut gallery, on gray areas in the gay life. What is a gray area? Anlabo `no? Precisely! It’s neither here nor there, neither black nor white, it’s gray. We start discussing gray areas in the realm of relationships, “situationships,” popularized among the Fabcasters by Corp Closet. We each took a shot of lambanog before recording this session — so prepare for a rowdy set of Fabcasters!

Listen (24 min 38 sec):

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Podcast production by McVie.

A bright, new year everyone! Look who’s joining us, the Fabcasters, very soon in a Fabcast? It’s Jay the Fratman! Watch out for his story!

This 2010, expect the Fabcasters to come up with more exciting topics, more exciting guests, and more exciting fabcasting sessions! Indeed, a bright new fabcasting year is here! Listen to Jay the Fratman’s Fabcast teaser here:

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Enjoy the second and last part of our Cold Christmas discussion — here we tackle what excites us in 2010. And as we end 2009, let me say: World Peace, and Teeeeenk yuuu!

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It’s timely and fitting that we acknowledge the people who have contributed to the many fabcast productions we had this 2009 — to our dear peanut gallery (sa inyong lahat, we enjoyed having you in our fun, fun sessions), the Fabcasters (alam ninyong I always look forward to our Fabcast meet ups, I love you guys to bits!), special mention to McVie (who each and every time works more than anyone else in making the fabcasts fabulous by editing and mixing, you’re a master podcast producer and editor my dear Joel!), and last but not least, to all of you who download and listen, our dear silent peanut gallery (currently we have 72,000+ podcast downloads and growing! PALAKPAKAN!) We look forward to meeting each of you, perhaps have you as part of a live peanut gallery in one of our fabcast recordings in 2010. Mabuhay tayong lahat! (Group huuuuuug!)

This fabcast was recorded after the Pride March (so I was still in the US, thus I’m not in this recording). Let’s hear it from co-fabcaster Gibbs Cadiz:

Recorded a couple of weeks ago with a fairly frisky and opinionated peanut gallery, who trade thoughts and ideas with us on the then just-ended Pride March and the earlier outrageous Comelec decision disqualifying Ang Ladlad for party-list accreditation on grounds of “immorality.” The opinions run the gamut–from those who think marching and seeking a place in Congress isn’t needed anymore (or at least not what they can relate to for now), to those who think it’s the next crucial step toward further acceptance, and not merely toleration (more often condescension), by society. I lay down my position quite early, with much sardonic laughter but also every word meant: Kung moralidad lang naman ang pag-uusapan, wala na sigurong matitira sa Kongreso. At sa Comelec. Change “wala na” to “konti na lang”, and I’d also include the Church. Whee. Do join the hearty huddle.

Listen: (23 min 53 sec)

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The Fabcasters are doing a year-end podcast recording on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 7:30 PM in Makati. If you dig fun podcasts, and are interested in joining one – tara! Send me an email at

Fablogo2 FIN

Corporate Closet (CC) talks about his Talented Mr. Ripley, a guy he met online, felt crazy about, then suddenly as they were about to transition the online relationship to the offline, real world kind, *poof!*

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The Fabcasters spend some time to chika with “Allan” a bikini open veteran. Gibbs, McVie, Tony, CC, Kiko, and yours truly chat with him and endeavor to find out what goes on in the mind of someone whose glistening lean body we know so well. Warning: most of us were tipsy during this fabcast recording, so riot talaga. Sa mga sensitive, skip this fabcast. Otherwise, go.

Listen: (26 mins 46 sec)

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(Note: Photo above is NOT Allan.)