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Would you, in the name of pure and pristine love, share your house with your lover, and his wife?

Erine, fellow ka-MGG, is a nurse based in London. His lover of 7 years, Nevin, also works as a nurse in London and shares the same house as Erine. Nevin has a wife and kid back in the Philippines. Trouble starts when one day, Nevine suggests to bring his wife and kid to London, and create a triumvirate union out of Erine, the wife, and him. What do you think? Read Erine’s letter to get his side.

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hi migs

first of all i want to give credits sa blog mo for nice contents. im writing this letter bcoz lately medyo bothered ako and i think i need some sort of payo from u as well as for your avid readers.

im erine who works here in london as nurse and proud to be gay. my story starts when i met this guy who is my present ka-relasyon way back 7 yrs ago pa while i was on my holiday sa manila, lets just call him nevin. presently kasama ko na sya dto sa london works as nurse like me. i know i had a big part on his success sa buhay ksi the time na nkilala ko sya financially problematic sya kc ang lola nya lng nagpaparal sa knya that time, illegitimate child si nevin and wlang support tlga from his parents so ang lola nya ang nagpalaki sa knya. We start of being friends and sympre later on nagkaroon kmi ng relasyon more than friends. I know the fact na stop nga sya i offered him to continue pagaaral nya sa nursing course and willingly tinulungan ko sya kc he’s on 2nd year na nmn and syang. And alam ko din he has a bright future and sort of helping him pra maayos future nya. While i was abroad i supported him all the way sa studies nya till he graduated in 2004.

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Yes this is once again a reflection post…. a post reflecting on Migs’ singlehood, by far, the most intimately personal sharing here in MGG. Thank you for coming to my blog these past months, or weeks, or days… I feel so blessed to have a blog like MGG, and an audience as diverse, fun, and smart as you… feel free to share your thoughts on this post.

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Have you ever experienced, while pondering on a very difficult puzzling question in your life, a sudden burst of clarity of thought, a perception of reality by means of a surge of intuitive realization? While driving along EDSA last night, I was thinking, “Why am I still single?” And that was the seed, that most powerful question that would bring me my epiphany, a eureka moment of sorts.

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Hello Migs,

How are you? I’m an avid reader of This blog helps a lot of gay people to share information and stories. This really makes you one of the best things that happened to the Filipino gay community.

Anyway I’m writing to you to share my own story and I wish to seek for your personal advice as I know that you are a very reasonable person with sound judgment. My story started when I was 13 years old. During that time I already knew that I was gay. Nobody knows within my family and circle of friends. I was invited by one of my cousins to attend a birthday party in their house. He was 21 years old that time. After the party, I told my cousin that I needed to go home since my curfew was 10pm. He told me that it was better that I stayed overnight as it was not safe anymore to go home. In short I spent the night in their house.

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Chinito, an MGG reader, sent this letter, and is asking for an intelligent opinion regarding his situation. Can you help me give him some advice?

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Hey Migs, how’s life?

I’m one of the avid readers of your posts, I really love your articles although I still haven’t tried your podcasts because I don’t know how to.

By the way, the reason why I’m writing this mail is because I’d just like to seek for an intelligent opinion or perhaps an advice on my predicament.

I used to be a proud gay, although I’m not the type who would cross dress or hang out in gay spots, It has become a way of life for me, I don’t get mad when my friends call me bakla or when they tease me with other guys. I’m not really effeminate but I m soft spoken and I dress sophisticatedly and my fingers are always “mapilantik”. I dig Top Model, Mariah Carey and moreno guys, but lately something weird is happening to me.

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