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Counseling Psychologist Niel Kintanar responds to Ayan, an MGG reader whose letter was first published here. Interesting to read a professional’s take on Ayan’s situation. To refresh, I am republishing Ayan’s letter, followed by Niel’s response. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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Hi Migs!
I am fond of reading your blog.
I am Ayan. Straight ako when I was in high school, I’m sure of that. Marami akong naging girlfriend nun. Until one time, I need to have a tutorial in Math because of my low grades. so i went to my tutor’s apartment at around 6pm. he is one of the best math teachers in my school by that time, but he didn’t handle our class. i am well-known in our school, that’s why he offered me his help. Malakas ung ulan nung gabing nun, i didnt bring my umbrella so i got wet.. when i entered his apartment, he told me to take off my clothes baka daw sipunin ako. hinubad ko naman kasi ok lang naman siguro un parehas naman kaming lalake, walang malisya un.

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