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Eight o’clock in the morning today I was driving through SLEX, with Marco and a couple of his eighteen-year-old girl friends. In these situations I let Marco be, it’s his group of friends anyway. I slide in the background, just listening. I was driving, anyway.

We arrive at Ugu Bigyan‘s house in Tiaong, Quezon in 3 hours. Along the way, SLEX was slow, and we witnessed a big TV-Patrol-worthy accident in Santo Tomas, Batangas. A big passenger bus ramming onto a house. Just a glimpse and I knew it’s impossible not to have any fatality in that mess. Back to Ugu, we were greeted by his terracotta house, beautiful, classic, and aspirational. If Ugu’s gay (I kinda think he is), then he’s another gay idol in my books. His palace boasts of simple but classic beauty. Every showcase hut in his garden was beautifully styled, every nook and cranny designed with symphony in mind. I love that place. Minus the dragon-sized mosquitoes, it’s perfect.


The food they served was magical. It was very Filipino, and as I ventured to interview the serving waiter, the process of preparing the food was exquisite. Filipino cooking, real Filipino cooking, is love in action. As he was explaining the intricate process of how the appetizer (“Kulawo”) was prepared, I was listening in awe. I can feel nothing but gratitude. It seemed to me that the whole universe conspired to prepare that wonderful meal which I enjoyed so thoroughly.

In the background, the voice of a Filipina soprano floated as she sang kundiman songs. My teeny-bopper companions who loved the food as I did, unfortunately didn’t appreciate the accompanying music a bit. I did. It was super, for me. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, generation gap in the flesh. I too did not grow up with kundiman, but at my age, I could appreciate it. These teeners do not. I’m not judging, just highlighting a gen gap example.

The way home was long. I arrived in my house with a nagging headache. For a moment I thought the spirits surrounding the fatal accident that we passed caused my headache. But of course that fleeting thought was dismissed in a snap. All I want to remember then was my quality time with Marco, and that beautiful, magical meal at Ugu’s.

Life is good. Cheers, my friends. Let’s be thankful for the many beautiful things in life. Say with me, “World Peace!”


I have visited this spa in Quezon CIty (at the corner of Timog Ave. and Tomas Morato). They have male therapists (some are good looking!) and thus is frequented by PLUs (People Like Us). The locker and wet area are cruisy, and the clientele is a mix of yuppies and and not-so-yuppies. They offer massage therapies only, no scrubs and things like that.

How about “extra”? Unlike in Sanctuario, the masseurs in this place do not voluntarily offer “extra.” This is true at least with the 2 masseurs I’ve tried. (Atsaka good boy na po ako, hahaha!) The private rooms themselves don’t lend well to such activities — the doors have glass panes so those passing through the hallway can actually see the goings on inside the massage rooms.

Maybe you have some juicier stories to share?

Photos of the place can be seen here.

I just got a call from Jay Javier, well-known photographer and owner of Fotofabrik Studio in Quezon City. Let me just say that I have personally met Jay early this year during Jay Aquitania’s shoot for Roxxxanne. Jay impressed me as a kind, generous, and good-natured person, and therefore I take his word as honest and sincere. He categorically said that it was him who took the Dave Rebolledo photos now in circulation in the blogosphere, showing the model baring the full monty — problem is, Dave was not really in the nude when those photos were taken.

Jay told me how a certain Photoshop expert named Paolo stole the original Dave Rebolledo pics from his office’s computer (Paolo worked in Jay’s office for a time), and “adjusted” the photos to show Dave in the buff. He swears how good this Paolo is in Photoshop that he can do that kind of magic.

To prove to me that he was indeed the photographer of the original, un-Photoshopped photos, he sent the following images that came from the same set.

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Our eyecandy for today is from Angono, Rizal (but originally hails from Mauban, Quezon). He’s a goodlooking guy that has boyish features but quite a manly appeal. I love the smooth caramel skin, and his signature half-smile in one of his photos here (where he also lets us take a peek inside his… hehehe!) His name? Joaquin Miguel Bais. He was featured in last year’s Cosmomen (69 Cosmopolitan Bachelors 2007). Joaquin is currently preparing for a role (needing a bad boy look) in an indie movie soon to be filmed.

Photo credits for Joaquin’s set here go to Dense Modesto (first pic) and Ian Felix Alquiros (the rest of the set).

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Jonathan “Athan” Villanueva Collado, fresh from winning the title Man of the Year just a month back, was named Mr. Expo World Philippines 2008 on October 6, 2008, at Metro Bar in Quezon City. He will be representing the country in the Mr. Expo World international pageant in Guatemala City this November.

Carlito (Carl) Rosadino Jr.
won the title Face of the Year, while Patrick Joseph Perlas was named Discovery Model of the Year. Rounding up the top five were Neil Bryan Bernardo, first runner-up, and Hiroshi Torobu, second runner-up.

Here’s Carlito (Carl) Rosadino Jr. at the Mr. Expo-World Philippines held at Metro Bar, Quezon City on October 6, 2008.

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This article was written by John Lapus. Funny, witty, yet rings true. I so like the ending, so world peace! Taray mo `teh!

* * *

Si Carol Dauden, na isang magaling aktres, at si Aiza Seguera, na mahusay na mang-aawit, ay umamin na—sila ay mga tomboy. Mukha naman silang masaya sa kanilang pag-amin. Mas naging malaya sila. Natanggap naman sila ng mga pamilya nila at mga kaibigan. Pero bakit ang mga bakla sa showbiz, isang damukal ang ayaw umamin. Yung iba, tumanda na, at yung iba naman, namatay na pero hindi umamin. Namatay nang nagtatago. Namatay nang hindi malaya. Kawawang bakla.

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“Good morning sir, ma’am! Good morning Sir!” shouted the fastfood guy, attempting to greet each and every one entering the restaurant. It was Sunday and the crowd was thick and, not unlike the crew, noisy.

I was at one of the busier McDonald’s branches in Quezon City, with friends waiting for some other friends, when I saw a young cute guy, must be in his late teens, queuing up at the food counter. He’s got a pretty face partly obscured by his baseball cap which matched quite well with his sporty shirt, walking shorts, and immaculately white sneakers. He saw me looking at him, and his gaze stayed on for more seconds than necessary. He let go of the stare only after the girl in the counter called his attention, perhaps clarifying something on the food he was ordering. He was really cute. Yummy by any standards. He was not alone though. Towering behind him, obviously a companion, was a balding man with a bouncing belly, perhaps in his 50s, his right hand on the boy’s left shoulder.

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This one’s not for the faint-hearted! LOL!

Timog Avenue’s infamous Bar Uno Comedy Lounge is mounting “Proud 2 B Gay: Grand Eyeball” on Friday, August 15, 2008. It’s a comedy variety show, the intimately funny, friendly, brutal, sexy, slutty version Bar Uno is quite known for among its regulars. And not to forget, they’re featuring their “wild-wild-wet” bikini-clad hunks parading on their ramp so close, you can almost touch “it”… hehehe! Millet, the bar’s manager says, “as usual, para ito sa ating mga ‘kapatid’ hehehe… may promo pala for Manila Gay Guy readers… Buy 4 tickets and they’ll get 1 ticket for free.”

The event will be hosted by their comedians Tsoknut, Iya, Kulafuh, Kim, and Tekla. Featuring Uno Republic Dancers, exotic dancers, and Bar Uno’s top male models. “Basta po lahat ng ikalulugod ng mga bading andun na lahat promise!” says Millet.

For inquiries, text/call them at 0921-4888884 or 376-4941. Bar Uno Comedy Lounge is located at #28 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

It’s sad when out gay guys bash the closeted ones. Why? Because all out gay guys start out closeted. We all go through that phase, and therefore, we should be able — we are expected — to understand why some of our brothers choose to stay closeted, even if perhaps, we ourselves found peace with being out in the open.

* * *

It’s sad, too, when closeted ones sneer on their out counterparts. They, the closet cases, should realize that the only real difference between them and their out counterparts is a critical decision to let others know about their otherwise private sexual preference. Note that the difference is an act of volition — so, out or closeted, there is really no fundamental difference.

* * *

These thoughts, among many others, were running through my mind as I sipped my green tea at Kozui, a wonderful cozy place to hang-out along Morato in Quezon City.

* * *

What then is our lesson learned? Well tell me what you think should be the lesson here. I’m in the mood for some reflection — yes, green tea does that to me.