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Hi Migs!

I have been following your blog for two years now. I’d like to share you my story here. Unfortunately, your site is blocked here sa Saudi, siguro ang category ng site mo that you placed is “GAY”, kaya the authorities here banned your site. Anyway this is an actual experience I had very, very recently. And I do hope that other gay men like me will learn from this narration.

PS. Thanks to my iPhone, I downloaded a proxy server app, and whoalla, I could surf your site!

Juan Antonio

* * *

Saudi is a gay man’s paradise. But…

The sound coming from the siren of the ambulance is again signalling another patient is coming. Nothing new of course, except that it is the time when the hospital ER should have been silent and the doctors and nurses should have been chit chatting. That night — while still on-duty and busy discussing with the newly-assigned ER students a case of hypoglycemic Saudi male patient, changed the way I enjoy my existence here in Saudi Arabia. That is the existence of a discreet gay man out on the paradise of men too willing to break the rigid Saudi rules in exchange of some intimate moments.

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