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Hello po! Mr. Migs! Napag-isipan kong isulat ang aking kwento dahil gusto ko malaman ang reaksyon ninyo at ng mga readers tungkol sa aking naranasan. Papa-ikiliin ko na ang kwento ko at direct to the point.

Ako si Drew, 18. Ako ay isang Marine Student sa isang prominenteng Maritime School dito sa Pilipinas. Syempre, in-house ang aming training. Sabay-sabay kaming gumigising, nag-eexercise, kumakain, nag-aaral. Pero maswerte pa din kami kasi may privacy kami. Kasi by rooms ang mga kadete. Hindi kagaya sa iba na barracks type kung tawagin o puro kama-kama sa isang floor.

Siya ay si Joseph, 19. Siya ang roommate ko. Nagkakilala kami nung orientation pa lang. Naging close na agad kami kaya kami na ang nagdecide na maging roommates. Nagstart ang klase June 2009.

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Dear Migs,

I finally got the guts to write you a letter. It has been almost two years since the first time I read on your blog. Since then, I took inspiration, courage and the will to embrace the life I choose and share my story. Call me Roger, I’m 23 and already a college professor. I must admit that gay university instructors are not new, except for me. I’m closeted. I started to teach just last June 2009. Each time, I hold classes I make it a point that I could deliver the subject in the most ‘straight’ way possible. Every single day is a struggle especially if I get interested and attracted to students. This is my greatest fear what if I get hooked on a student? I can’t risk my job, neither my student’s future.

Until I met Joshua. He’s 17 and a freshman.

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I think this letter/story is quite touching, so I’m featuring it here. “Skye” thanks for sharing!

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hi migs,

with the consecutive typhoons hitting our country people started to dread the rain. rain shouldn’t be feared nor rejected. the rain itself is not the root cause of our problems. we badly need better drainage and better waste management. i sure hope i don’t sound insensitive and selfish when i say that i love the rain. (i said rain and not typhoons.)

the rain has always been a friend of mine. it has brought me many wonderful memories. i would like to share with you one of them. migs, have you ever felt love slip right out of your hands.. like it was incredibly close that you could touch it, grab it.. but then you somehow lost the chance to do so? this is exactly how i felt with this person.

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