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I came back from my what-seemed-like-an-eternity business trip on Monday, 3.30 AM. One of the things that I was so looking forward to was my first-ever “Synchronicity and Serendipity” meet up with a randomly chosen group of MGG readers. I emailed them this letter:

Hey guys! I am back in Manila, from my European-North American business trip. Whew. So glad to be back. And, so excited and looking forward to Saturday. I will send you a text message on your phone on the exact venue. For now, I’d like you to start thinking about how you think this serendipitous meeting will be like, how you are feeling now, how you want others to be when we all meet up… let me know your thoughts. Migs

Let’s eavesdrop on their anonymized responses.


* * *

Hello, Migs.

I opened your email in the office, but since i wanted to give my reply some serious thought, i decided to wait till i got home to do it.

I’ve kept the words synchronicity and serendipity (which hereon shall be referred to as S&S) on minimize in my head ever since i got your first email, hoping to come to some brilliant revelation that i could share with the group.

I’ve got nothing so far. Hahaha

But it has forced me to examine my belief system. In Filipino, most people would welcome S&S moments with “Buti na lang!,” implying that luck had something to do with it. But i feel that attributing such a beautifully designed orchestration of events to mere chance takes away from the elegance of Fate. That everything happens for a reason. And, maybe, when we don’t see that reason sometimes, we just didn’t look hard enough.

Then I start challenging that thesis. Maybe Chance is Fate, and that it’s that randomness, in fact, that makes life so interesting! And even if things don’t need to happen for a reason, it is up to us to find a gem of growth from any experience–the very essence of the Life experience! In fact, taking a religious perspective–which i so rarely do–Chance seems more consistent with the concept of having free will.

So, I’m torn. And no epiphanies so far. But it is pretty heavy shit to think about.

Sorry for sharing before the meeting, but i was afraid i would never have been able to verbally phrase my thoughts as eloquently. I at least wanted you to know what i was thinking.

Actually, my thoughts have been off-topic. They’re not S&S, but chance and fate. Kasi i’ve never really distinguished between the two before. So i’m still trying to look back and see how they’ve played in my life.

As regards your questions:

“how are you feeling now?”

“could you repeat the question, please?”

“how are you feeling now?”

“I don’t feel any pressure right now.”

“how [do] you want others to be when we all meet up?”

“not sure what kind of reply you want for this one. it’s open to a lot of funny comebacks, but i just want everyone to be himself. as i will be, as i hope you will, too.”

Tapos na interview portion.

Can we go to some place that offers something wider than just coffee? Para mas random naman ang choice ko of beverage…but I’m aiming for beer. If no drinking allowed, no prob.

Time to go. See you soon.

– N.

* * *

migs, i couldnt agree more..

i am excited too, its like the gifts we have under the tree.. which we cant open till christmas day. you keep on staring at it.. shake it a bit.. thinking about it the whole day.. the agony. the excitement.. but you know deep inside its worth the wait..

iv always been the kind of person who would do anything just to be ahead of whats to come.. be in the know of the ending of a movie before i would even sit infront of it. yeah it kills the surprise, or the thrill.. but at least iv come prepared of wat to expect.. but this time.. id like to change that part of me. just try to have an open mind.. go with the flow thing.. make it as random of a meet up as possible. for once id like to try surprise a chance.. or maybe.. give chance a chance.

im excited.. half of me is in manila already.

– B. (flying in from USA a day before the meet up)

* * *

pasalubong!, hope for the flowers would do.

i’m really excited, i don’t find the meeting serendipitous but the way the 5 people were chosen was just amazing (thank you or “universe”)

i really hope i could contribute some insights in the meeting (baka may super trouper eager beaver, hahahaha)

i don’t have any idea how the meeting would go, probably because this is my first time to meet up with five complete strangers (and i hope these people are really strangers to me)

all i hope is that as we travel to the meeting place, we could set aside our own prejudices, prejudgments, stereotypes and have an open mind on the discussion, i don’t want it to be a war/debate kind of thing but more of collaboration of ideas of anything under the sun

we are to meet to make acquaintances or probably friends but definitely not enemies

i really really excited! actually, im still going even though i have a long exam on monday! its because the universe has randomly chosen these five people (myself included) to meet, sana wala pang nagbaback-out dun sa five.

and please, don’t let my excitement go to waste, sana lang hindi boring yung meeting!

p/s how long would the meeting last? or it actually depends on us?
will you voice record the meeting (just like your podcasts)?

belated happy anniversary to your blog !!!
and advance happy birthday to us !!!

– W.

* * *

cool,hope you had a great trip. well i just think it’s a very intellectualized discussion about facts, ideals, philosophies, principles and perspectives not on just being gay but being gay in a modern world. and of course some etceteras.hehe…

– P.

* * *


First of, welcome back to PI Migs!

I AM K. and I ain’t Janina San Miguel, who “doesn’t feel any pressure right now”. I am so freakin nervous and immediately felt the pressure the moment I received your first ever email confirming that I will be one of the five guys.

This is very exciting, yet alarming (for me). Exciting, because I’m about to meet 5 unknown guys and MGG. I’m so happy that I’m about to meet people whom “somehow” shares the same sentiments, problems, ideas, preferences and dreams. Alarming, because I really don’t know what to expect. Afraid, because of a possible rejection. I just hope that all of them (including Migs) will be my friends after this meet-up. And since MGG (which stands for Manila Gay Guy) is the one responsible in making this meet up a possible one, I’ll call this group as MGG as well, with different meaning though, its “Manila Gay Gang” (kaso parang masyadong gayish??)! Lol… Parang Gucci Gang lang.

Wait lang, pwede ba mag tagalog, I’m bleeding all through out! haha.. Sana yung flow ng conversation eh parang matatagal na na magkakakilala, wag naman masyado seryoso (baka kase mamatay ako), sana mejo masaya, may mga kulitan, jokes, at kunting sapakan to add some spice (joke lang)… At first syempre lahat kinakabahan, pero sana after some minutes, comfortable na lahat. At sana, wala masyado mag expect na GWAPO lahat ang pupunta sa meet up na to. Kase I’m not. Alam mo naman sa mundo natin, we all look at the looks kaagad. And I hope that all of the participants’ main objective is to gain friends. Ganun naman kase dapat talaga.


– K.

* * *

There you have it, responses from our S&S participants. I am so excited to meet them and see what the Universe is up to this time. What do you think?