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I was supposed to fly to Bangkok last night but it so happened that due to the APEC carmageddon, the usually 1-hour drive to NAIA exploded to 6 hours. My uber driver was patient, and I was too, but patience was not enough. In short, I missed my flight, and exhausted me, after walking, running, rolling, and tumbling to the airport went home hungry and bone-weary. I thought to myself, I need to do something a bit different to deal with this temporary trauma. I needed some magic. So magic I called for. SMSd the magic number and called for home service massage.

His name was Hiro. I remember him distinctly as he was my therapist the very first time I visited the defunct Bay Leaf Spa in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. I met him in January 2012 and almost 4 years later, I am visited in my humble abode by this guy for a home service massage. The moment he stepped into my entrance door, I noticed that he has changed considerably — still chinito and guwapo, but I sensed a certain confidence, gravitas, underneath that winsome, cheerful smile. He has also put on a fair amount of muscle mass, not too much, but just right for one to feel the urge to hug and be lost inundated by that masculine embrace. Of course I did not throw myself to him — not right away — I composed myself and offered him to sit on my chesterfield. Brought out some drinks but he insisted on water only. Who am I to say to disagree, as I know full well that this is just the calm before the storm? Hahaha!

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[Posted September 3, 2015] Hi all – just a short announcement – to the patrons, clients, and future clients of Bayleaf Spa: they are currently in the process of moving and the new place is being renovated now. Fortunately they still offer home/hotel service during this period. Text or call 09179117821.

Hi Migs!

I know your blog generally tackles mostly LBGTQ issues and concerns. I am a heterosexual woman. Nonetheless, I felt that I could share this concern with you.

I thought of writing you because I fell in love with this male massage therapist whom I came across through your blog. Long story short, I saw your blogs about him and I got infatuated with him, so much so that I decided to get a massage from him.

The decision to get a massage from him was out-of-character to say the least because I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of having a masseur touch me, much less caress me, especially given that the massage the Spa offers is more than the usual massage I get from my regular spas.

When I finally got the massage, it was more than the usual routine. Without me asking for it, he gave me the “extra service” I only ever heard about from my gay friends. He was ever the gentleman and ensured my comfort all throughout.

After the massage, he started texting me. Given my infatuation, I entertained him. He eventually asked me out on a date. My friends, especially my gay friends, cautioned me against getting into something serious with him considering our circumstances. They warned me that there is always the danger of being made a sugar mommy and of the therapist taking advantage of me for material reasons. I told them that I am a big girl and I can handle it. I was wrong.

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I moved recently, from Manila to Mandaluyong. My house before was a quick ride away from Bayleaf Spa, so whenever I felt like I needed a backrub or a thorough body scrub, it was very convenient for me to enjoy Bayleaf’s services. Not anymore though, since I moved to my new place.

Driving time would easily be more than an hour given the horrendous traffic in the metro. But I can’t just switch spas, right? I mean, I love Bayleaf’s manager — he’s the most accommodating spa manager I’ve ever dealt with. And the culture among Bayleaf’s boys is still unparalleled, in my opinion. They have varying massage skills, yes, but all of them consistently treat me with a lot of respect and tender, loving care. Very maasikaso, all of them, no exceptions. Plus the boys themselves — haha! — what a delicious mix. 

You like the nice, goody goody, boy next door type? Ask for Zander. (Tip: the guy is pogi and meek. Body type is more like John Lloyd, with some baby fats on the side but that’s what we like among our huggable cute boys, right?) At the other end of the spectrum naman, for those who like the more, uhrm, bad boy vibe, an approach where you feel like being kind of dominated, look no further than this guy Allen. No leathers and whips, but the overall effect is pretty spot on. If you like other flavors, good/bad boy in-betweens, like tall guy Yael, and the most senior masseur in their stable, the formidable and sensual massage guru Ronnie.

So yeah, it’s difficult to part ways with Bayleaf, but I had to do it. I texted the manager:

“Stan, medyo dadalang na ang pagbisita ko sa Bayleaf ha. Lilipat na ako ng Mandaluyong eh.”

Stan quickly reverted: “Sir hindi puwede yan. Papa-home service kita. Kelan mo gusto?”

Home service? Parang nakakatakot. That was my initial thought. Kasi di ba, you’ll be giving the spa your residential address. And all those stories that go around about this and that guy who was found dead… Ngiii, nakakapraning lang. Pero naisip ko naman, kung magpapa-home service ako, doon na sa puwede kong i-trust. Good idea naman noh?

So there. Decided na that one of these days, will call for home service. Only remaining problem: sino sa kanila? Haha! Allen? Zander? Ronnie? Or Yael? Or maybe I will just tell the spa manager– surprise me. Hahaha!

Bayleaf Spa provides their signature massage for men via home service anywhere within Metro Manila. For inquiries, text or call the manager at 0917-911-7821. Tell him that Migs referred you, baka he can give you pa tips on how to best enjoy your home service :) 

One evening, I was at Bellini’s, that old but cozy Italian resto in Cubao X. Towards the end of a wonderful pasta dinner, one of two friends quipped – “I think I want to go for a massage after this.”

The other one says him too, and the next thing I knew, the duo is wailing for me to go with them. “But I only go to this place in QC,” I replied.


I called the manager, asked if I can bring along the two chaps and if they can be given discounts too. In no time, we were on our way.

The first chap got Yael. The other had Aldrin. And I had Allen.

* * *

Bayleaf Spa is my home spa. I love it there because the massage is real – not a sorry excuse for some hanky panky; they really do good massage, at least those masseurs I get ha. I always get their SigMa – short for Signature Massage, because while being a real, good legit massage, it does contain some titillating moves, just enough for you to come back for more.

* * *

The evening ended with the 3 of us with ear-to-ear smiles. One of the 2 chaps came to me after, saying – now I know why you come only here.

If you happen to try Bayleaf Spa I highly recommend Allen. If he’s not around, ask for the spa manager and tell him Migs recommended you – he knows what to do :)


Bayleaf Spa – Unit E, Marren Building, 1157 Quezon Ave., Quezon City.
Spa manager 09179117821
09178840488, (02) 6249713

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Bayleaf Spa. QC. One unforgettable evening with a massage therapist called Kenneth. 

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Ronnie of BayLeaf Spa

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massage I heard Wensha Spa in Timog Avenue, Quezon City has reopened after a couple of months of renovation. According to MGG reader littleboywonder, “The place now looks much better and cleaner after the renovation. The steam room looks nice and clean… with its white interior and never ending steam now. The dry sauna room still looks the same. The dip pool is better designed as well.”

So, the next question is: which masseur should I request for?


VATICAN CITY (AFP) – – A suggestion by Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuality is as much of a threat to the survival of the human race as climate change sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners on Tuesday. [Source / Photo by Yahoo]

There is no direct quote from Pope Benedict XVI that is clearly homophobic, so I do not think we should take it as a real attack. Knowing the Catholic doctrine though, I am not really surprised that the Pope disapproves of the assumed typical homosexual lifestyle. It’s Christmas, and today more than ever, I pray that the pope is blessed with the grace of universal love. And I pray for us all for the same thing. May we all learn to love everyone regardless of age, gender, and race. Being anti-anything is so yesterday. Love, love, love. And gratitude. World Peace!