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Bayleaf Spa. QC. One unforgettable evening with a massage therapist called Kenneth. 

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Ronnie of BayLeaf Spa

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massage I heard Wensha Spa in Timog Avenue, Quezon City has reopened after a couple of months of renovation. According to MGG reader littleboywonder, “The place now looks much better and cleaner after the renovation. The steam room looks nice and clean… with its white interior and never ending steam now. The dry sauna room still looks the same. The dip pool is better designed as well.”

So, the next question is: which masseur should I request for?


VATICAN CITY (AFP) – - A suggestion by Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuality is as much of a threat to the survival of the human race as climate change sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners on Tuesday. [Source / Photo by Yahoo]

There is no direct quote from Pope Benedict XVI that is clearly homophobic, so I do not think we should take it as a real attack. Knowing the Catholic doctrine though, I am not really surprised that the Pope disapproves of the assumed typical homosexual lifestyle. It’s Christmas, and today more than ever, I pray that the pope is blessed with the grace of universal love. And I pray for us all for the same thing. May we all learn to love everyone regardless of age, gender, and race. Being anti-anything is so yesterday. Love, love, love. And gratitude. World Peace!


I have visited this spa in Quezon CIty (at the corner of Timog Ave. and Tomas Morato). They have male therapists (some are good looking!) and thus is frequented by PLUs (People Like Us). The locker and wet area are cruisy, and the clientele is a mix of yuppies and and not-so-yuppies. They offer massage therapies only, no scrubs and things like that.

How about “extra”? Unlike in Sanctuario, the masseurs in this place do not voluntarily offer “extra.” This is true at least with the 2 masseurs I’ve tried. (Atsaka good boy na po ako, hahaha!) The private rooms themselves don’t lend well to such activities — the doors have glass panes so those passing through the hallway can actually see the goings on inside the massage rooms.

Maybe you have some juicier stories to share?

Photos of the place can be seen here.

Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

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Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

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TJ Trinidad and Mylene Dizon The Fabcasters are back, and this time, with the Chris Martinez, director/writer/producer of “100″ — the indie movie starring Mylene Dizon, Tessie Tomas, and Eugene Domingo. Chris is also the screenplay writer of Bridal Shower, Bikini Open, Sukob, and Caregiver. He was also the playwright of the fabulous musical play “Zsazsa Zaturnnah.”

The movie, Cinemalaya 2008′s most-awarded entry and rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board, talks about the unfabulous topic of death, and an OC woman’s (Mylene Dizon) 100 raging things to do before kicking the bucket. The fabcast mostly talks about Chris’s experience in making movies (both writing and directing), in the indie scene and mainstream.

So I thought you guys would like a feature on an icon of success for us PLUs — here you go then, listen and learn, mga ‘teh!

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Here I go again, my perfunctory trip to the US. I’m writing this post while waiting for my flight to Los Angeles, California. I was a bit emotional leaving the house kanina, knowing I’ll miss my partner during the 3 weeks that I will be away. Haaayyy… and so just as I finished packing my stuff this afternoon, I went bloghopping. I found a treasure of a song, just right for the moment — it’s Kirsten Dunst singing Dream of Me. Beautiful song! I dedicate this to my partner, Marco. Why am I writing this very personal post? Well, I figured it’s just right for me to declare my love to the person who I have been with for the past 6 months — too bad I’ll be away when we celebrate our 6th monthsary. Mahal, in front of the 40,000+ readers of my blog, here’s the song “Dream of Me,” and I dedicate it to you. Advanced happy monthsary!

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I was in a Starbucks shop in Manila recently with no other than DowneLink’s infamous Dencio. He was with Paulo, his beloved partner (also of Closet Badets). We were waiting for Marco (the third guy who completes the triumvirate of the Closet Badets) who was then coming from a nearby school. To while away the time, I was teasing him about his almost magical prowess to hook up whenever he wanted, that was when he was still unattached. So the idea of a quickie interview came up — maybe I’d let Dencio give us some basic instructions on how to get laid in oh-so-gay Manila. Listen and learn.

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The Bakla Review once again wows Migs the Manila Gay Guy with his Ten Best Macho Dancer Movies Ever. Here’s a snippet, and don’t miss reading the entire post by clicking on the link provided below.

If the Western has the Wild West with its cowboys, the Macho Dancer Movie nestles within the dark walls of the Gay Bar with its cast of gyrating, undressing male performers. Macho dancers are not to be confused with the callboy/common prostitute or the torero/live sex performer, although they can be those too. The Macho Dancer’s weapon is his particular brand of striptease. And just as the Western is American and the Samurai film Japanese, the Macho Dancer Movie is quintessentially Filipino. Is there any country other than the Philippines that can fill a top ten list of macho dancer movies with a few extra to spare? In these films, the plight of a people are played out via intermittent seductive numbers, like a musical, but hotter, where the thongs usually come off. Herewith, the zarzuelas of our time.

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