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TJ Trinidad and Mylene Dizon The Fabcasters are back, and this time, with the Chris Martinez, director/writer/producer of “100” — the indie movie starring Mylene Dizon, Tessie Tomas, and Eugene Domingo. Chris is also the screenplay writer of Bridal Shower, Bikini Open, Sukob, and Caregiver. He was also the playwright of the fabulous musical play “Zsazsa Zaturnnah.”

The movie, Cinemalaya 2008’s most-awarded entry and rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board, talks about the unfabulous topic of death, and an OC woman’s (Mylene Dizon) 100 raging things to do before kicking the bucket. The fabcast mostly talks about Chris’s experience in making movies (both writing and directing), in the indie scene and mainstream.

So I thought you guys would like a feature on an icon of success for us PLUs — here you go then, listen and learn, mga ‘teh!

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Dear Migs!

Just wanted to commend on the success of your blog, Im one of the regular readers and comfortable reading your entries and comments and personally waiting again for you to buzzed me again when you’re in my area (San Francisco). I never thought that one day I will write to ask for an advice.

I joined a Christian community to a thought that I can be change, not….. though im trying. Just when I thought I will live a straight life when I met in the community Mac-Mac just a regular guy and not my usual type as I described him to my friends. But the guy is oozing with sex appeal. Then I remember a saying that you will never find your ideal person but instead you will be given the opposite of it and I think he is the one. Not my ideal but yet i like the person. Now the catch… he is straight again straight!

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[This is a contribution from MGG reader named Red. Posting it here, verbatim.]

I’d like to share my own experience, though too long for the viewers’ eyes. This is something unbelievable and could make for a good script for a movie that it could even rival the story of the Brokeback Mountain. Just to find release, I’d like to see it posted in no less than Migs’ site, so that others may be enlightened or inspired, or of whatever purpose it could serve to the readers. More importantly, my story opposes that of the twink-hungry and abusive PLU (gay) teachers’ usual portrayal by the media. Let me do it by way of using Southborder’s famous songs and the songs I’d love to listen to.

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[Posting this email I received from Peachy Natividad, an invitation for everyone to participate and support the upcoming 2008 Pride March]

Do you remember your first pride march?

I do. I’m sure we all do. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in one yet, this year’s the perfect time to do so.

This years Pride March is a tribute to our rights, our lives, our loves and our selves. It’s also the celebration of the 10 years of Filipino rainbow pride. It’s a perfect 10 for the success of the past pride marches, and the anticipated one of this year’s. Hence, the theme is A decade of dignity: our rights, our lives, our loves, our selves.

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I was listening intently to the workshop facilitator, he was intense and passionate yet almost oblivious to the power his words held. I knew he was about to say something important. And then it hit me, that question, “is there anything in your past that you have intellectually set aside — and yet, emotionally, you know it’s still there, bothering you, blocking you, preventing you from being your best self?” It hit me like electricity zapping into my chest. It zapped to life something I held dormant inside.

I know myself as someone who, if the situation called for it, can be very clinical about things, even with my personal experiences. Given, however, that chance to go back and fetch some unprocessed memories, and the threat that perhaps unconsciously, my blocks come from those I’ve arrogantly intellectually set aside — I was just so ready to admit that yes, there is this one simple emotional memory that is still there lurking, bumping, jiggling inside me. And now it is making its way to my consciousness — and I am just guessing — for a reason.

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Here’s a gay relationship advice from Jim Sullivan, well-known dating and relationship coach, with 25 years coaching/counseling experience, highly regarded advisor and mentor to the LGBT community:

The first key to be being a successful gay dater is: no sex for the first three dates. Cry. Scream. Curse me. But you’ll see it works. Wanting sex is as natural as wanting to eat, but intimacy cannot be rushed. It takes time to know someone. Too much fast food can be harmful to the body, and too much fast sex can be an impediment to intimacy.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Hansen “Sen” Nichols of Taguig is “The Cancer Survivor” of the second season of Pinoy Dream Academy. He is 24 years old, turning 25 on October 21, 2008. More on Sen below. (from

* * *

Place of Birth:Burlingame, California, USA
Weight:155 lbs.
Racial Descent:Fil-am-Spanish-Irish
Civil Status:Single
Educ. Attainment:B.S. Economics
School Attended:University of San Francisco
Interests (other than singing):Dancing
Favorite Singer:Justin Timberlake
Musical Influences:Martin Nievera, Ariel Rivera, Gary V., Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, Babyface, Jenner Mallari (a friend), Mom, and my Ate
Discovering my voice: I remember my Mom would sing at parties and family gatherings and everyone would watch her and it inspired me to want to sing.We discovered my talent before I was in Kindergarten.
First song I ever performed: If I remember correctly, If Your Not Here By My Side by Menudo.
Musical instruments I can play:When I was in elementary school I took violin lessons and learned how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.On Piano I learned how to play SwanLake.
Musical instruments I’d like to learn:I want to re-learn playing the piano or keyboard and the guitar.
Greatest Achievement:Being able to finish college despite doing (cancer) treatment at the same time
Biggest Failure:Not making it into PDA Season one
Greatest Dream:To be successful, rich and famous by way of the entertainment industry, and to go into business
Songs Of My Life:Angels Brought Me Here, This Is Now
Quote Me: “I’m very passionate about music and show business. I’m here at this level of the competition because I’m living my dream rather than just watching others life it. I have every reason to quit through rejection, but I forged on and made sacrifices, which is why I’m here today.”

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Sino si Agent Boytoy?


Blogger siya.
Lalake siya.
Pero ang trip niya… mga bading.
Boytoy nga daw siya.
Pero di siya bayaran.
Lubos at tunay niyang minamahal ang mga bading na karelasyon niya.
At ang message niya sa sangkabadingan…
“to all the gays out there… i’m all yours…”

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Do you like straight men? Have you at any point in your life been attracted and actually “chased” a straight man? Here’s an exciting story from one of our regular MGG readers. Read on, get titillated, and join in the comments festival! (Kembot!)

* * *

Hi Migs,

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid reader of your blog. Love the photos of men, the articles, the letters and most especially the comments that people give! Ang saya saya ng comments ng mga utaw at very lively ito (kung paminsan, eh ang mga commenters ang mismo nag-ookrayan). Gusto ko sanang i-share sa iyo ang aking istorya at sigurado ako na maraming bading ang makaka-relate. I have always been an active guy. Mahilig ako sa outdoors, sports activities, adventures at all-around good-natured trippings but I have a guilty pleasure. I go after straight men. Ika nga ng mga ka-tropa ko eto ang “market” ko. Mind you, I don’t go exclusively after straight men. I’ve had very long-term and rewarding relationships with other gay men, pero getting straight men is the spice in my life.

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accept1.jpg If you feel attracted to members of the same sex, or both sexes, but need to feel like you have accepted it within yourself, here is a guide to help you. You have found out your sexual orientation, and you are perfectly normal. Accepting who you are – and being proud of who you are – is the next step on the road to coming out of the closet, and eventually to having a successful gay or lesbian relationship. Some people have difficulty in accepting their sexual orientation, either because of personal or societal discomfort or pressure. Most people in the LGBT community know from experience that accepting your sexuality will lead to your becoming a happier, more open person.

In this guide, the term gay has been used to include all forms of homosexuality and bisexuality, whether that be people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or pansexual.

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