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There’s a video spreading, allegedly a scandal, of Sebastian Castro.

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The Sacred Band of Thebes was an ancient greek army composed entirely of gay men.

As Sebastian Castro told Philippine Star on November 4th, 2013: “It was believed that if you fought next to the person you loved, you would fight much harder to keep them alive. This led the generals to have the lovers fight alongside one another in battle. I can’t think of anything more beautiful — beautiful and sexy… I love the idea of dragging my followers, or any LGBT for that matter, into this world where you are fighting with, fighting for and possibly dying for the one you love. The ultimate message: You belong. Two words gay kids don’t hear enough and don’t feel enough. ”

Here’s THEBAN, Sebastian Castro’s newest music video.


Watch the trailer here:

Mike Acuna

Mike Acuna is one of my favorite models featured in the soon-to-be-released video, “Summer Boys.” I saw a video clip where Mike is showing off his Muay Thai skills. I also had an opportunity to meet Mike in person. He seems to be a nice guy, and most notably, he’s really hot in person. Wishing you all the best, Mike!

More of Mike’s smoldering photos here.

The makers of the straight-to-video film “Summer Boys” sent these to me, photos by Dave Fabros, of the film’s men who will surely whet your appetites… coming soon!

Jamil Jay-Ar

The Men of "Summer Boys"

In the 2nd photo (L-R): Marco Posadas, Jay-Ar Sales, Jamil Basa, Jeff Luna, and Mike Acuna.

Release date for the video will be mid- to end of September.

Picked this up from dear friend and co-Fabcaster, McVie. I think you’ll like this. Go watch!

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hayden_kho_dec08-4 hayden_kho_dec08-5

In the past several days I’ve noticed a spike in visitors to this blog searching for that mysterious doctor-boytoy, Hayden Kho. Perhaps people have been looking for his alleged “sex video” touted to exist by no less than his celebrity make-over magician and ex, Vicky Bello. Sorry, no such video here. Just some photos to get you by :p

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A gay friend gave me a gift today. (Thanks Madam!) It was the DVD featuring Paolo Rivero and Paolo Serrano, entitled “M2M 3: Versus.” It says on the back cover of the DVD jacket:

Versus is a tale of two male hunks undergoing the different stages of realization and of falling in and out of love. Their story reels off in their minds and is carried out in a rather sensual and provocative manner. What actually goes on…? And what are the complexities in the process of carrying out, staying in and moving on from this kind of relationship?

Masterfully crafted as the previous M2M features- this video shows the intricacies and dynamics of male to male relationship.

More photos of the two Paolos after the jump.

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Enigmatic, handsome Leo Miranda appears in “A Fairy Tale,” a short film made by UP Film students Jacques Palami, Kim Camelo, Mikki Crisostomo, Judd Figuerres, Jaimee Santos, and Jewels Sison.

Guwapo talaga ni Leo Miranda! Whooo! Video after the jump.

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